The Monogram Experiment


The name says it all. For a limited time, we're offering custom engraved handles - marked with your initials, name or personal monogram. Available on our Scout and Commander umbrellas, for an additional cost of $10. Make your mark, or get the perfect gift for a friend. Choose to leave the raw etching, or fill with white to match. Just make sure you act fast - this experiment closes on November 23rd.

To take advantage of the Monogram Experiment:

  • Choose from our Scout or Commander umbrellas in our online store
  • Select the "With Monogram" option
  • Complete the checkout
  • Email your artwork or initials to (maximum dimensions of engraving are 12mm x 50mm). Be sure to note whether you prefer raw engaging or white fill.

Please allow 3 days for the production time, plus our normal shipping duration. 


Why the experiment? Well, we wanted to hear what you think about the idea. If you're enjoying the customization option, you better believe we'll bring it back. But it's up to you! Order your customized umbrella in our online shop today, or tell us what you think about the experiment in the comments below. 


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