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Westerly Goods X Off The Hook

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Off The Hook Cover

From the coastal rainforest, to the urban jungle - our recent work with Montreal-based Off The Hook highlights the parallels in how people can live life well between these two seemingly different places.

When Off The Hook Boutique first approached us about a collaboration, we couldn't wait to start working with their awesome team to develop this limited edition umbrella. Off The Hook has been a staple in Montreal lifestyle, design and fashion since it first opened its doors in 1999. Fifteen years later, they've stayed true to their mission of showcasing and celebrating the downtown culture from which they were born, while collaborating with some of the best creative minds in photography, music, sports and fashion from within Montréal, and around the world.  

At home in Vancouver, we always strive to balance urban life with time in the wilderness around us, but finding harmony between the two takes more than just spending time in each. There's so much that you can learn from nature, and apply to how you live in the city; and vice versa. 

With our collaboration, we've tied the two together to help you walk among the rain and snow in comfort and style, wherever you choose to venture. The Westerly Goods x OTH umbrella features a polished Maple handle, black cotton-twill canopy and high-gauge fibre-glass reinforced frame for added durability in the elements. In addition to the Westerly and OTH logos, you'll find a quote from Lao Tzu engraved on the shaft that hits the harmony of this collaboration - "L'Homme de bien est comme l'eau" (The best man is like water). As with much of Lao Tzu's writing, this speaks to the lessons that one can learn from nature. "[Water benefits all things, and does not compete with them]". It flows fluidly and effortlessly past obstacles that lie in its path, and can overcome the seemingly strongest barriers that it meets.

Whether in the city or wilderness, sometimes you'll find challenges on the road ahead. It's how you take them on that determines if they detract from, or add to your life. The Westerly Goods X Off The Hook umbrella will help you continue on and enjoy the journey, regardless of the weather overhead.

This limited edition umbrella launched this past weekend - available only at Off The Hook, Montreal.


Westerly Goods x OTH Commander


Photos by Beau Partlow -