Westerly Goods for Lawn Summer Nights

Although our goods are made to thrive in the rain, we still love those warm summer days, and Lawn Summer Nights. This July, Westerly Goods teamed up with this epic fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada - taking place over four weeks, in seven cities from coast to coast. Lawn Summer Nights brings out hundreds of people in their 20's and 30's to have a great time, and support an even greater cause. Since starting in 2009, the event has raised nearly $1,000,000 towards research and treatment to help those living with Cystic Fibrosis - the most common fatal genetic disease affecting North American children, and young adults. 

This might not be your average lawn bowling crowd, but when it means being surrounded by good people, holding a cocktail in one hand while rolling a casual bowl with the other - anyone can get into it. Teams sport some pretty awesome outfits and hilarious team names, and they all pitch in to raise impressive amounts of awareness and funds for the cause. On any given Thursday evening in July, there's no place you'd rather be.

This year Westerly Goods got involved awarding top fundraisers with some new umbrellas for when the summer nights come to an end, and the rains return. Just our way of saying thanks for supporting this great cause. Although it's our first year sponsoring as a company, in all honesty we've been involved since day one. It just so happens that our very own Founder, Duncan Gillespie, is also one of the founders of the fundraiser - and a big part behind its growth over the past 6 years. 

Here's a peek into the festivities at this year's event:

 (Cover photo: Photo credit - Rachel Rilkoff: www.rachelrilkoff.com (#YYJ))

Photo credit - Jessica Seymour: http://focuspullproductions.tumblr.com (#YYC) 

Photo credit - Darren Rayner (#YVR)

Photo credit - James Oborne: www.obeezyphoto.wordpress.com (#YVR) 

Photo credit - James Oborne: www.obeezyphoto.wordpress.com (#YVR) 

Photo credit - Rachel Rilkoff: www.rachelrilkoff.com (#YYJ) 

Photo credit - James Oborne: www.obeezyphoto.wordpress.com (#YVR) 

Photo credit - Darren Rayner (#YVR)

Although the bowling has now wrapped up for this year, donations are still coming in up until the August 31st cut-off. Currently sitting just $7,000 shy of the $1,000,000 to date mark - if you want to help them get there, you can still donate through the Lawn Summer Nights website.

On behalf of Westerly Goods, we're sending a huge thanks to the 1000+ who participated, and the thousands more who donated and supported. We'll definitely be back next summer!

 - Westerly Goods

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